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Ask Jesse: Dress Shirts

Question: How many dress shirts do I need?

Answer: First of all, you can never have enough shirts in your closet. Secondly, at a minimum you need to have at least 18 custom shirts. You need to have six in the laundry bag, six at the cleaners to be picked up or delivered, and six pressed and ready for action.

Newsletter – March 2012

Combining Patterns

Patterned fabrics add wonderful variety to the wardrobe. Nothing says panache like a successful joining of patterns. However, when patterns clash, they can easily create a jarring look. Three easy tips will keep you on the right side of the coordinated pattern path.

Consider the scale of the patterns. Avoid wearing two tight patterns or two large, spacious patterns next to each other. Instead, pair a large pattern, such as a windowpane suit coat, with a small pattern, like a checked shirt. The differences of scale will create balance.
Check your color palette. Keep the day’s wardrobe in either warm or cool color families. An item from a different color family will look out of place when worn with several items from another palette. Hold to one color family to give your outfits a cohesive look.
Third, feel the texture. A smooth finish, dressy shirt will look out of place when paired with a rough tweed sport coat, even if the scale of the patterns and the colors agree. Make sure fabric types and textures are compatible. Pair heavier, coarser textured shirtings with bulkier jackets and trousers.

Patterned elements, from suits and sport jackets to shirts and ties, give your wardrobe visual interest and keep clothing from becoming monotonous. The next time you’re selecting custom clothes, try out a few new interesting patterns in various scale and size to spice up your wardrobe.

We have a wide range of patterned fabrics to choose from. Call today for a complementary viewing.

“Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring.”

 – Carmel Snow