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Jesse LancasterQuestion: What color shirt is best for job interviews?

Answer: Unless you’re applying to work as a graphic designer or other artistic talent, a job interview isn’t the place to show off every facet of your personal sense of style. Instead of wearing your most unique look, showcase your ability to create a professional appearance by selecting a traditional look for your interview.

Your first choice for an interview shirt is standard white, followed by light blue. Save the shirts with stripes, checks, and bold colors for later. Your tie need not be limited to a “power tie,” but should be conservative in tone.

Ask Jesse

Question: How do I create a perfect dimple in my tie?

It takes only a bit of dexterity and practice to create an elegant tie dimple. Create your knot as usual, but before you tighten it, place one finger into the fabric right below the knot. With your other hand, gently tighten the knot until there’s a dimple in the center approximately half an inch deep and an inch long.

Practice your technique a few times until the dimple is squarely in the middle of the fabric, and even on both sides. A dimple works best with wider ties, so if you’re wearing a skinny tie, leave the dimple out.

Ask Jesse: Shining Your Shoes

Question: What’s the best way to shine my shoes?

Answer: Start by removing dirt and old polish with shoe cream or cleaning fluid. Remember to scrape out the hard-to-reach spots with a soft toothbrush or a nailbrush.

Next, apply a leather conditioner to moisturize the leather, then use a rag to rub in a layer or two of wax. Choose a wax or cream polish that matches your shoes or let the natural tint shine through by using a neutral-colored one. Polish the wax with a brush, then follow with a damp rag for a beautiful “spit shine” look.

Between polishes, rub your shoes gently with a clean cloth or brush to maintain the shine.