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Ask Jesse: Fraying Shirt Cuffs

Question: Why do my shirt cuffs keep fraying?

Answer: Fraying at the cuffs is generally due to the shirt rubbing on something: a watch, a desk for those who spend time writing by hand, or a keyboard for those who spend time at the computer. You may want to choose slightly larger cuffs on your shirts, so that the cuff slides easily over the watch instead of getting caught on it. Even a very smooth watch can create friction that will wear on your shirt. When you write or type, lift your arm slightly, or roll your sleeves up first.

Ask Jesse: Dress Shirt Shrinkage

Question: How much shrinkage should I allow for when I select new dress shirts?

Answer: As your custom tailor, naturally we allow sufficient fabric for shrinkage, so you never have to worry about ending up with a shirt that’s too small. If you still want to know the basics of shrinkage, remember that cotton fabrics will generally shrink more lengthwise (from top to bottom) than across (from side to side). Some shirts may shrink up to half an inch in length.

Check that you can fit one to two fingers between your neck and the collar. This allows room for ease in wearing and for any shrinkage. Most shirts will allow plenty of length in the body of the shirt, but make sure the shirt sleeves are long enough to lose half an inch and still reach to your wrist easily.

Ask Jesse: Dress Shirts

Question: How many dress shirts do I need?

Answer: First of all, you can never have enough shirts in your closet. Secondly, at a minimum you need to have at least 18 custom shirts. You need to have six in the laundry bag, six at the cleaners to be picked up or delivered, and six pressed and ready for action.