Custom Menswear for the Man You Want to Be

Our vast selection of custom and casual wear is all hand-selected from all over the globe. We specialize in offering one-of-a-kind, uniquely inspired garments that style for your individualistic preferences. Our custom tailoring services include consultation, design and assembly of your custom clothing items. The tailoring process begins with a one-on-one consultation where we come together to discuss your style, clothing needs, materials and color options. The consultation process is very important as it is a time where we have an opportunity to understand you and your needs while sharing our expertise in fashion and clothing manufacturing.

We maintain an individualized approach to creating your clothing pieces, keeping in mind your needs and style. By building a one-of-a-kind pattern for you, every item you purchase from us, your shirts, trousers, suits and coats, will have the perfect fit for you. For the guy that wants a shopping destination that is exclusive and unique, we are here for you.

Custom Suits and Tuxedos
From classic, easy American type suits to other silhouettes, at J Lancaster, we offer custom-tailored suit options to fit your size and style perfectly. Our variety of high-quality materials allows you to always be at the forefront of style and prepared for every season with the right fabrics and details.

Custom Sport Coats
Sometimes business casual is the way to dress for your day. In that case, we custom make jackets and sport coats that fit your style just as much as the season. We excel at creating men's jackets and sport coats. From fit, style, and the detailing of each jacket, we make sure each garment is truly a work of art.

Custom Shirting
Different occasions call for different fits. Thinking about your lifestyle, we measure, design and assemble your shirts to fit every moment. With your wants and desires and our eye for design, we take 15 measurements, just for your shirt, and transform your vision into a reality of the best quality.

Custom Pants

The perfect fit should be part of every item of clothing you wear, and your pants are not an exception. With care and precision, we hold a personalized consultation and take the necessary measurements to provide you with a custom set of pants uniquely made for you and your style.

Belts, Shoes and Accessories

Because every stylish clothing item deserves to be accompanied by the best accessories, at J Lancaster, we offer a wide variety of shoes, small leather goods and other accessories to complement your outfits. We carefully choose each brand and material we sell and ensure that it is of the best quality for you.

Casual and Business Casual
We offer unstructured, unlined, casual jackets, as well as fully-lined sport coats. J Lancaster also offers an extensive ready-made line of clothing with dozens of suits, sport coats, and trousers to choose from. Our variety in inventory along with our expertise in custom clothing will sure provide you the best outfit options based on your style and needs.

Formal Occasions

The goal for our clients is no matter where you are going, or who you are meeting, we want you to be able to go into your closet and have the proper attire options for every occasion. Our expert staff is ready to guide you into selecting the best materials and cuts for your formal attire. With precise measurements and our expertise, you will always be ready and well dressed for any occasion.

We even take customization a step further by offering the option of lining your jackets with pictures and images to make your piece of clothing even more meaningful.

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Every style has a story.

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